Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LETCOM Wants 25% of National Budget

…To Improve Liberian Education

By: Papie Sheriff Kollie Jr.

National Coordinator of the Education-for-all Technical Committee (LETCOM), J. Jaye Lablah, has reminded the Liberian Government to keep to its promise of allotting 25% of the total national budget to education.

Mr. Lablah is further calling on the government to commit least 18% of the national budget to education if it cannot meet up with the promised percentage.

The LETCOM Coordinator spoke at the St. Simon Baptist School on the Capitol Bypass in Monrovia last Saturday when his organization joined 163 countries around the world in the celebration of the Global Action Week on Education

The week is annually celebrated each April globally to underscore of the importance of the right of every person to education.

Lablah said the Liberia government joined the 163 countries in the year 2000 to set forth six goals, which he indicated the countries committed themselves to achieving by 2015.

Paramount among the six goals is signing of the Dakar Protocol by all countries concerned to make sure that by 2015 everyone of understanding age acquires a minimum education of primary/elementary level.

During the annual celebration of the Global Action Week on Education, programs are executed to depict various education-related activities geared toward highlighting the importance of the education and the right of every person to education.

Liberia’s celebration of the week is to exemplify the importance of the right of every Liberian to education.

LETCOM’s officially celebration of the Global Action Week on Education around Liberia started here, in Monrovia, with a parade from the Sports Commission on Broad Street to the St Simon Baptist School on the Capital Bye-pass.

Addressing his audience, Mr. Lablah said: We at LETCOM love to appeal to the government to please implement more free compulsory primary education policy by providing adequate, affordable, easily assessable, well staffed and good quality educational facilities.

The LETCOM boss further calls on the Liberian Government to rescue Education from prostitution. The inspectorial division of the ministry of Education has the duty in addition to its official mandate to ensure that institution are not established in Liberia by individuals and other organization whose sole objective is to get money.

LETCOM National Coordinator also said they are going to offer their services to assist the ministry in inspecting and monitoring learning institution in post war country Liberia.

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