Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Court Clears Journalist Bill Jarkloh of Rape Charges

...Journalist Says: "Charges Were Masterminded Against Me"

The Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice has formally cleared Journalist Bill K. Jarkloh of Rape/Sodomy Charges. The City Court “Clerk’s Certificate” clearing Mr. Jarkloh of the charges forbidden the journalist from further answering to the rape./sodomy charges.

The Court document certifies “that a careful perusal of this honorable court’s records reveals that the above case was nolle prosequoi and dismissed by the court in favor of the above defendant without prejudice.” The Court’s ‘Clerk Certificate’ signed by the Clerk of the Court, Mr. Francis Weah, further states that the court has therefore discharged the journalist “from further answering to the charge of Rape/Sodomy….”

Mr. Bill Jarkloh: He is now a free man from a crafted rape charge by detractors.

Mr. Jarkloh was on May 13, 2008 charged with Rape/Sodomy based on the complaint of one Ruth Samuels who alleged that Mr. Jarkloh has raped her eight-year-old daughter, little Love Samuels. But Mr. Jarkloh challenged his accusers to prove beyond all reasonable doubts the allegations of rape and sodomy brought against him.

The journalist who was detained at the Monrovia Central Prison for three weeks, three days by the court said the charges against him were masterminded by people who plotted against him to ruin his hard-earned reputation he has built over the years.

Jarkloh noted that the Chief Justice of Liberia, Cllr. Johnny Lewis, perfected the plot when he personally ordered the Monrovia City court to disregard police investigation into the Love Samuels situation and go ahead to prosecute Mr. Jarkloh in the absence of police investigative report and charge sheet as required by the New Penal Law of Liberia.

The journalist said the Women and Children Unit of the Liberia National Police was investigating the Love Samuels situation based on the intervention of a local NGO, ZODWOCA, Inc. through its Women and Children Coordinator Korpo Kortimai who happens to be Mr. Jarkloh’s spouse when the court arrested Mr. Jarkloh on the Chief Justice’s order thereby circumventing transparent justice.

The journalist further explained that little Love Samuels was found in the streets abandoned (in the Sonniewin area), at which time Love told ZODWOCA and the Police that she was raped by one Lincolon. “It was this lady that handed little Love to Ms. Kortimai in behalf of ZODWOCA Inc. to help restore the minor,” Mr. Jarkloh indicated.

The journalists also said police attested that Love was several times abandoned by her parents and found in the streets. The kid told police investigators at the WAC Unit that she was raped by one Lincoln in a video club during a deep night when people were asleep in the Sonniewin vicinity. “She earlier related the same information to ZODWOCA, and thereafter told the Safe Home to which police sent her for rehabilitation, confirmed it to the Court and even the Chief Justice in the presence of a mammoth crowd including relief workers and journalists,” Mr. Jarkloh said.

Mr. Jarkloh then concluded the conspiracy against has done to his character and reputation a very serious damage, and added that he will take the appropriate course of action against the conspirators to redeem his reputation. He then expressed gratitude first to God, and then to Cllr. T. Dempster Brown who represented his legal interest. He also thanks all those who stood by him in prayers during his time of distress.

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