Monday, April 14, 2008

GSM Companies Compete In Internet Technology

CELLCOM Launches Advanced GPRS Technology

By: Bill K. Jarkloh

The competition in the arena of the evolving information communication technology is highly pitching now with Liberia three of the four of Liberia’s GSM phone companies bringing internet on the mobile phone in the country.

It was Libercell Phones of the Atlantic Wireless Communications that brought internet communication on mobile phones first, followed by the LoneStar Communication – Liberia’s existing premier GSM Company, which has just launched its GPRS services of internet communication of GSM phones. Now, CELLCOM Communications Inc., which advertises itself as No.1 in the GSM world of Liberia, has joined the fray.

CELLCOM, an America Company, declares unlimited internet exploration on phones, saying that an advanced general Packet radio services (GPRS) is now being used on Cellcom Mobile phones for users to access internet on their phones. The advanced GPRS tech edges “2.75G” was launched at the Capital Bypass Headquarters of Cellcom in Monrovia Wednesday [09 April 08], witnessed classic display of electronics and also displayed the importance of the pastiest GPRS edge that is now being installed within operation of the company’s GSM devices to serve its subscribers in the country.

The management through its Information Officer T-Max Jlateh said the 2.75G provides up to three times data capacity speed up to 236.8kbit per second as compare to other competitors. The GPRS edge enhance GSM networks allows mobile services – such as downloading of video and music clips, full multimedia messages, high speed color internet access - to be delivered on the mobile phone.

The Cellcom Management said GPRS is now available on almost every GSM network over the world, and that GPRS edge 2.75G is an advanced ands faster GPRS technology that is connectivity based on internet protocols supporting a wide range of enterprise and customers applications for Cellcom subscribers to enjoy their mobile phones under the new era now launched in the country. Further, Cellcom Management disclosed that GPRS edge 2.75G is now in full use from the launching date and provides a quality video, voice recording and access from a Mobile phone that is already GPRS made.

Besides, Cellcom GPRS edge is programmed on the SIM Cards from the GPRS edge 2.75 chip. This new GPRS technology on Cellcom, LoneStar and Libercell Phones may likely put internet cafés out of substantive and their once flourishing business. Some GPRS users have expressed satisfaction with the post war development whereby Liberia is beginning to pitch along in the Information Communication Technology in West Africa.

“Commuin Communications Inc. needs to join this GSM internet technology,” a COMIUN user told this reporter. However, besides LoneStar which is not a Computer Internet Provider, COMIUN, Atlantic Wireless which operates Libercell and Cellcom are all providers of internet for commercial and office use on desktops or laptops in Liberia.

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