Tuesday, January 15, 2008

“Taylor Commando Demands Ransom for Captured Boy”

…Boy’s Sister alleged: “He raped me, Kill Our Mom"

"He killed my mother and raped me; I and my twin brothers were treated like sub-human in his hands to the dislike of his plenty wives. Now Special Forces Commando and frontline commander of the NPFL is demanding US$300 as compensation for him to give me my brother Paul,” a 29 –year-old victim of rape during the Liberian civil war (name withheld) last Thursday narrated for her ordeal to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The victim told the TRC which says it gathered a number of statements that the frontline NPFL commander now residing in Paynesville Zinc Camp, raped her after they were captured from the 72nd Community in Paynesville and later taken inside Charles taylor Controlled area.

The rape victim further told the TRC Panel of Commissioners and local and international observers that converged at the Centennial Pavilion, “I was 12 years old at the time when NPFL captured 72nd Community. Mango and his men took us to the Stephen Tolbert Estate in Gardnersville and kept us in a house for three days.”

In her grief, the 29-year-old victim of rape explained that Commando Mango Miller, the most senior commander of forces that captured Paynesville and Gardnersville at the suburbs of Monrovia, thereafter took her, her mommy Abba Amma Arthur and her two younger brothers afar deep into NPFL controlled territory. Her mother was a Ghanaian married to a Liberian.

According to her, it was there inside Taylor-controlled territory that Mango killed her mother Amma who agreed to be killed for her children to live. “Commander Mango Miller had already exterminated an entire family in gthe Stephen Tolbert Area before people of the community, so my mother was afraid that he would act on his word to kill all of us – this is how come she agreed to die for us,” the girl narrated.

Following the murder of her mommy by Commando Mango Miller, the 29-year-old said Mango took with him, she and her two younger brothers – Paul and Mark to live. It was while in the care of Mango that the NPFL commando raped her at 12 and thirteen (for two years) and subjected he and his brothers to inhumane treatment to the utter dislike of the many wives of the rebel Mango Miller.

“I see myself confused a confused person due to the horrible experience and the trauma I suffer in the hands of Miller. I am losing hope about myself and my future,” she said, adding that her concern now is about the future of her two twin brothers who Mango took when they were three years old. She also explained that after the war, she made frantic efforts to recover her brothers.

Up to present she said he has only recovered the living body of Mark whom Mango Miller left with another family near Monrovia, while the former rebel commander has been requesting US$300 to relinquish Paul into my care. “He said Paul is somewhere in the jungle in Nimba, and the only way he can give my brother to me is when I give him US$300.00

As for her father’s whereabouts, she said her daddy fled Monrovia at the break of the war. “When the war broke out, AFL soldiers went to our house and demanded my daddy to surrender the money and other belongings he has or they will kill him. From since that time, Mr. Arthur, my father ran away to neighboring Sierra Leone where he is at present.” Rape victim also said her father who was working with the Flamingo Logging Company as pay master was told and therefore know everything happening. “He even advised m,e not to appear here today so I wouldn’t be haunted, but I think I should tell my ordeal to the TRC,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, another victim who appeared after the 29-year-old girl, Augustine Touplay said the forces of the Liberia Peace Council made him to sexually intercourse with a dead woman. Touplay also said LPC, the forces of Dr. George S. Boley – a former Minister of Education in the Samuel Doe regime – also subjected him and others to force labor.

The Quiah, the brother of Liberian politician Oscar Quiah, and General Black Cat of the LPC are at the center of inhumanity meted to him. “Black Cat and his men killed my daddy, a pastor after his last prayer, and my mother our home town in Jedapoh in Sinoe County,” he said.

Prior to these confessions, a popular Liberian musician, Sundaygar “Deaboy” Davis was accused at the TRC of mishandling and ill-treating several women, children abd men in Grand Bassa County while fighting for Charles Taylor, an allegation Dearboy denied in the press.

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