Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Liberia Amputee Athletes Demand Election

The Amputee Football Federation of Liberia (AFFEL) has cast what it calls ‘vote of no confidence’ on its interim administration headed by Soweni Garpu. The federation comprised of six amputee football teams is demanding an urgent election on ground that Madam Garpu’s conducts are incompatible to the objectives of the federation.

As the reports, the amputees, through their spokesman Eric Myers, said since Madam Garpu was appointed as interim head by Rev. Robert Karlor, she has continued to generate money from international donors in the name of amputees and has don nothing to improve the livelihood of members of the federation.

According to Mr. Myers, Garpu is not an amputee, but she is benefiting immensely from funds intended for amputees without consideration of the plight of the member-amputees of the federation.

He said they need a leadership that will address the plight of amputees and identify with them at all times. The Federation’s spokesman also described this behavior by Madam Garpu as “unfair”. He called on well-wishers and people of goodwill to rally around them in ensuring that their living conditions are improved.

He further stated that Madam Garpu was only appointed as interim head to spearhead free and fair elections; “But it appears that she intends to hold onto power with the backing of Rev. Karlor.”

The Spokesman furthered that these conducts of the affairs of the federation have forced amputees in the country with no alternative but to go into the streets to beg for their daily bread. He also noted, “T his is unacceptable. It must be stopped immediately.” He maintained that the holding of free elections of leaders that will adequately address their plight will help to discourage amputees being beggars.

Meanwhile, Myers extends appreciations to the president of the Mighty Conqueror amputee team, Ogunti for her continuous assistance the unfortunate Liberians of the federation. He calls on well-wishers to emulate same.

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