Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cuban Pathologist Finishes 2nd Autopsy in 'Angel' Death: Ghanaians Investigating

The Ministry of Justice has disclosed that the second autopsy performed on the body of the late 13-year old Miedeh Angel Togba has been concluded and the report will be released after the on-going investigation is concluded by the investigating team brought in from Ghana.

Photo: President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: vows to bring perpetrator to justice

According to a U. S. based online outlet,, Liberian Liberia’s Minister of Justice, Cllr. Philip A.Z. Banks informed journalists today that the Cuban pathologist has since concluded her work and has returned home.

He said the report was satisfactory and Government has explicate confidence in the credibility and experience of the Cuban pathologist with 27 years experience in the profession.

“The investigation is proceeding along the lines that we expect. It is proceeding rapidly,” Cllr. Banks said.

Photo:Little Angel Togba: Sedduced and killed - for what?

Additionally, the three detectives that were also flown in from Ghana are now scrutinizing the autopsy report to further their investigation in collaboration with officers of the Liberia National Police.

Photo:Hans Williams: Is he at fault?

Cllr Banks said that the detectives have been closely looking at the photographs; they have also gone back to look more closely at the crime scene; they’ve also done extensive interviews with people with information as to what may or may not have occurred on that day. “All of these are things the detectives have been proceeding with,” he said.

Justice Minister Banks said Government will make the autopsy public as soon as the detectives conclude their investigation and make recommendations.

He called on all (journalists, rights groups and family members) to stop speculating on the outcome of the second autopsy which they have not even seen.

Photo:Justice Minister Philips Banks: "Autopsy Is Confidential..."

Cllr. Banks noted that the autopsy is confidential and would be released at the appropriate time by his Ministry after the conclusion of the investigation by the Ghanaian investigators.

The 13-year old Angel Togba, on 30th November 2007, allegedly hung herself in the bathroom of her guardian, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Williams.

Liberia’s Solicitor-General, Cllr. Tiawan Gongle announcing the outcome of the first autopsy said there was no foul play; however, rights, civil society and family of the deceased questioned the report.

Cllr. Banks, later told journalists that the report read by the Solicitor-General was inconclusive; rather it was a progress report.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf directed the Justice Minister to conduct another independent autopsy on the body to determine the cause of death; thereby satisfying all affected parties.

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