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‘Butt Naked’ Bares Crimes: Truth Comes in Shock Doze at TRC Hearing in Liberia

Bill K. Jarkloh, FPA Staff Writer

Besides his claim of killing 20,000 persons, ‘General Butt Naked’, the man now called Evangelist Joshua Milton Blayee, has also confessed to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Monrovia that he has planted a demonic pot at Liberia’s State House, the Executive Mansion on the Capitol Hill in Monrovia. He was telling the TRC his involvement in the gruesome Liberian war.

According to a report, Blayee was a senior commander of the ULIMO-J of the late General D. Roosevelt Johnson. Although he has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and making startling revelations during his street corner crusades to win souls, his latest revelation made at the Centennial Pavilion stunned radio and television audience in Monrovia as well as spectators at the public hearing.

‘Juju pot at Executive Mansion’

Facing the Panel of TRC Commissioners this week, Blayee stunned the audience when he said “a wizard [juju] pot has been buried at the Executive Mansion for the providing of maximal protection to President Samuel Kanyon Doe.” Blayee said the wizard pot was planted in the state house – the Executive Mansion- in 1983 by him and some elders possessing demonic powers of Grand Gedeh County.

In 1980, the country bled when 17 enlisted men who overthrew President William R. Tolbert and took power started to eliminate each other in an intra-junta confusion. Samuel Doe, the ringleader of the Coup makers, eliminated Thomas Weh Syen, the Vice Head of State of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) Government on charges that Weysen was plotting to overthrow Doe, the Head of State. Thereafter, several other participants in the coup of 1980 were eliminated by the military regime amidst power struggle amongst them.

Blayee, the Butt Naked man, told the TRC that in that year, 1983, he and some demonic traditional leaders, entered the Executive Mansion with Grand Gedeh’s cultural and traditional powers delegated to them by the devils of the Putu Mountain. The Putu Mountain is in the Southeastern Region of Liberia within the Proximity of Sinoe and Grand Gedeh Counties.

Butt Naked became notorious during the villainous April 6, 1996 outbreak of hostilities between forces of General D. Roosevelt Johnson and the combined forces of the NPFL of rebel-war-technocrat-and-architect Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor and ULIMO-K of Professor Alhaji Kromah; he used to display in the streets naked as leader of a band of naked rebels loyal to General Roosevelt Johnson.

General Butt Naked explained to the TRC Tuesday that he was ‘Chief Priest” of a devil called “Ajagbehweh”, which he claimed is in the Putu Mountain. Joshua Milton “Butt Naked” Blayee maintained that the pot is still buried at the Executive Mansion. But he added, “the pot could be removed through spiritual warfare provided the TRC gives the green light for that.”

‘I killed 20,000 persons’

He did not stop there, Blayee also confessed to killing 20,000 persons during the war. It is estimated already that some 300,000 lives were sent to the great beyond during the Liberian civil imbroglio.

Interestingly, he confessed that some of those he killed were innocent, and his devilment against the innocent people started since 1983, he confessed.
According to him, it was his participation in the Liberian civil war that brought him to the seat of Government, Monrovia.

He said he was brought to Monrovia along with another notorious fighter for ULIMO, Apollo Jayswen, Jayswen’s fathers and one Oldman Taylay in 1990. Taylay was said to be an elephant hunter, who President Samuel Doe enlisted in his militia to battle against Charles Taylor during the war of the 1990s.

‘ULIMO made me combatant’ – Blayee said.

The former warlord said he and those said came along with him to Monrovia were brought in the nation’s capital city to provide spiritual protection for Samuel Doe as head of State of Liberia. They were to spiritually direct the war in the interest of the Krahn tribe, although he said he later became an active combatant upon the formation of ULIMO in 1992.

ULIMO was founded in Sierra Leone by the late Liberian Ambassador Albert Karpeh and Raleigh Seekie – a former Deputy Finance Minister for Expenditure in the Doe regime and former Governor of National Bank of Liberia (NBL) now Central Bank of Liberia in one of the transitional regimes of Liberia. Seekie was the founding Chairman of ULIMO, and General Roosevelt Johnson, a former school teacher was the first battle front commander of ULIMO.

ULIMO and the Movement for the Redemption of Muslim (MRM) of Professor Alhaji G. V. Kromah merged under the name ULIMO, but when the force entered the diamond rich Lofa County of Liberia fighting to claim Bomi from Charles Taylor’s forces, ULIMO split after Ambassador Karpeh was assassinated in Sierra Leone and Rally Seekie dethroned – leaving ULIMO in the hands of Professor Kromah as Chairman replacing Raleigh Seekie while General Johnson remained the Battlefield Commander until the split of ULIMO into ULIMO-J and ULIMO- K between the Krahn fighters headed by Johnson and the Mandingo fighters headed by Kromah.

I lost my powers

Evangelist Joshua Milton Blayee, formerly General Butt Naked, is now saving souls, not killing them. Blayee says Blayee said he lost his mysterious power eventually. “We lost power of the demonic authority in the Putu Mountain thus weakening the Krahn people prior to the death of President Samuel K. Doe. Unfortunately, however, Blayee, the Butt Naked did not tell the TRC what was the reason they lost the favor of the demonic world.

Doe, a military ruler, was elected constitutional president in a rigged election in 1986 on the ticket of his brainchild, the National Democratic party of Liberia. He was later killed during the war by a splinter rebel group from Taylor’s NPFL - the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) led Field Marshall/Brigadier General Prince Y. Johnson. Prince Johnson is now the Senator of Nimba County in the Liberia Legislature during the regime of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female President of Africa in Liberia.

Johnson captured Samuel Doe at the Freeport of Monrovia on September 9, 1990 in the presence of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) led by Ghanaian General Quinoo.

Blayee, now appearing apologetic and sober-minded as he begged for pardon, appealed to all Liberians for forgiveness. Blayee, a preacher at present, said he has initiated efforts to deliver the Liberian flag and seal from the spirit forces at the Putu Mountain where they were demonically buried.

The Cater center massacre

Meanwhile, an NPFL former combatant who also testified to the TRC his involvement said NPFL was responsible for the massacre. Witness M. Allen Nicholas, who is known within the ranks of the Taylor forces as “Arab Devil” said the NPFL fighters that carried out the massacre were led by the late Nelson Gaye.

This is an apparent vindication of the Armed Forces of Liberia loyal to President Samuel Doe.

Allen Nicholas, the “Arab Devil”, also blamed the Duport Road Massacre on the NPFL but denied that he did not participate.

He claimed to have known about it as senior fighter of the NPFL of Charles Taylor. He too after several other confessions, appeal for forgiveness. More witnesses are expected to appear today, Wednesday as the TRC’s public hearing takes media headlines and gains momentum.

Intercourse With the Dead

Augustine Touplay, says forces of the Liberia Peace Council made him to sexually intercourse with a dead woman. Besides Butt Naked, other Liberians continue to tell their own stories of the civil war. Last week, Augustine Touplay, a Sinoean Grebo, says the forces of the Liberia Peace Council made him to sexually intercourse with a dead woman.

Touplay also said LPC; the forces of Dr. George S. Boley – a former Minister of Education in the Samuel Doe regime – also subjected him and others to force labor.
The Quiah, the brother of Liberian politician Oscar Quiah, and General Black Cat of the LPC are at the center of inhumanity meted to him. “Black Cat and his men killed my daddy, a pastor after his last prayer, and my mother our home town in Jedapoh in Sinoe County,” he said.

"After they made me to have sex with a dead woman, they kept me and others and used us to mine gold in the creeks, diving with buckets to bring from the depth minerals," he said.

The victim said they were tasked to mine a certain grams of goal a day for the LPC brass or one's live could be taken if he could not find the requested quantity of gold.

He said it was the later intervention of the West African intervention forces, ECOMOG that freed him from the hands of the LPC fighters. "At present, I suffer pneumonia for that kind of treatment," he said.

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old gild has earlier related her ordeal. “Killed my mother and raped me; I and my twin brothers were treated like sub-human in his hands to the dislike of his plenty wives. Now Special Forces Commando and frontline commander of the NPFL is demanding US$300 as compensation for him to give me my brother Paul,” the 29 –year-old victim of rape during the Liberian civil war (name withheld) last Thursday told the TRC

The victim told the TRC which says it gathered a number of statements that the frontline NPFL commander now residing in Paynesville Zinc Camp, raped her after they were captured from the 72nd Community in Paynesville and later taken inside Charles Taylor Controlled area.

The rape victim further told the TRC Panel of Commissioners and local and international observers that converged at the Centennial Pavilion, “I was 12 years old at the time when NPFL captured 72nd Community. Mango and his men took us to the Stephen Tolbert Estate in Gardnersville and kept us in a house for three days.”
In her grief, the 29-year-old victim of rape explained that Commando Mango Miller, the most senior commander of forces that captured Paynesville and Gardnersville at the suburbs of Monrovia, thereafter took her, her mommy Abba Amma Arthur and her two younger brothers afar deep into NPFL controlled territory. Her mother was a Ghanaian married to a Liberian.

According to her, it was there inside Taylor-controlled territory that Mango killed her mother Amma who agreed to be killed for her children to live. “Commander Mango Miller had already exterminated an entire family in the Stephen Tolbert Area before people of the community, so my mother was afraid that he would act on his word to kill all of us– this is how come she agreed to die for us,” the girl narrated.

Following the murder of her mommy by Commando Mango Miller, the 29-year-old said Mango took with him, she and her two younger brothers – Paul and Mark to live.
It was while in the care of Mango that the NPFL commando raped her at 12 and thirteen (for two years) and subjected him and his brothers to inhumane treatment to the utter dislike of the many wives of the rebel Mango Miller.

“I see myself confused a confused person due to the horrible experience and the trauma I suffer in the hands of Miller. I am losing hope about myself and my future,” she said, adding that her concern now is about the future of her two twin brothers who Mango took when they were three years old. She also explained that after the war, she made frantic efforts to recover her brothers.

Up to present she said he has only recovered the living body of Mark whom Mango Miller left with another family near Monrovia, while the former rebel commander has been requesting US$300 to relinquish Paul into my care. “He said Paul is somewhere in the jungle in Nimba, and the only way he can give my brother to me is when I give him US$300.00.

As for her father’s whereabouts, she said her daddy fled Monrovia at the break of the war. “When the war broke out, AFL soldiers went to our house and demanded my daddy to surrender the money and other belongings he has or they will kill him. From since that time, Mr. Arthur, my father ran away to neighboring Sierra Leone where he is at present.” Rape victim also said her father who was working with the Flamingo Logging Company as pay master was told and therefore know everything happening. “He even advised me not to appear here today so I wouldn’t be haunted, but I think I should tell my ordeal to the TRC,” she concluded.

Prior to these confessions, a popular Liberian musician, Sundaygar “Dearboy” Davis was accused at the TRC of mishandling and ill-treating several women, children and men in Grand Bassa County while fighting for Charles Taylor, an allegation Dearboy denied in the press.

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